Committed to supporting the Kansas City community it serves by offering low price high quality essential items.

Hours of Operation


Tuesday – Saturday: 10am to 4pm

Sunday & Monday: Closed

3922 Troost Ave, Kansas City, Missouri 64110

(816) 531-5485

Tuesday – Saturday: 10am to 4pm

Sunday & Monday: Closed 

3922 Troost Ave, Kansas City, Missouri 64110

(816) 531-5485


Whether it’s time to do your Spring cleaning, end of the year donations, or you realized someone else would treasure something that you no longer need, we want it!

Meet Our Customers

Troost39 embraces everyone who steps through the front door. We want our customers to all share a sense of “ownership” and community to ensure that Troost39 is a place of genuine hospitality where customers and staff feel welcome and safe.

Meet Our Customers

Margie E.

“I always find unique item or fabric to design my home. Great place to buy things to start your new home.”

Dallas B.

“I like the variety of daily sales this store offers. There’s also a lot of new items put out daily. I’ve gotten a lot of cool stuff from here!”


Here’s customer De’Ja showing off her 90’s style in a vintage t-shirt and mom jeans!  ❤️


Troost39 customer Nikki follows her faith in order to, in her words, “Do the right thing the right way.” Nikki bought this kitchen counter from T39, planning to give it a new counter top and install it in her home. When she realized she didn’t need it, she donated it back to the Store and asked us to give it away FREE to a customer in need. Nikki has also paid forward the delivery fee for this item, and has left a loving note for its new owner. Thank you, Nikki, for your loving generosity!


Anna is rockin’ the faux fur vest she got at Troost39 today, but what we really love is her puppy dog slippers, and the statement she’s making with those sweat pants: “Love always wins.”


Troost39 customer Pam donated this vintage Brownie camera. Way back in the day, her father used the Brownie to capture the family portrait you see here. Thank you Pam, the portrait and the camera are just beautiful!


Troost39 customer Toni created this crafty doll figurine using the blue vase (price: $1.00) she found at the Store. We just LOVE seeing what folks do with their Troost39 finds.

Why Thrift?

Donating and shopping at thrift stores helps not only serve the community of midtown Kansas City and the Troost Corridor but also keeps tons of clothing, furniture, and more out of landfills.

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